A Bumblebee Dropped In

I was sitting on the deck the other day when a bumblebee fell out of the sky and dropped onto the chair beside me. It didn’t fly down — it just dropped. No buzzing, no humming. I got my phone out and took this short video of it as it quivered and twitched for a few seconds, then lay still.

I thought it was odd, since the day before a dragonfly had done essentially the same thing. I made up my mind to leave it there until I was sure it had expired, then take it into my office and fire up the microscope to take a closer look at it.  Stay tuned for some good photos.

During that time, I took a couple of other photos with my camera, this time zooming in as much as I could while staying in focus. The clear liquid drops in this photo are, I’m certain, venom from its stinger. Fascinating.

In other news not worthy of note, I’ve gotten tired of chipmunks messing up Nancy’s flowers, so I’ve constructed a chipmunk trap. I’m still waiting for my first kill.

Meanwhile, it seems that the world around me is going mad. I sit here in the eye of the storm, waiting for the next thing.

What to do… what to do… Ah!, that’s it — let’s explore the notion of systemic racism. Coming up soon!

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