Vampire Attack

I came across this article about vampires in Malawi this morning.  It’s a heavy-handed piece of satire describing the crazy ideas people in Malawi have about public health care workers being blood-sucking vampires.  But it really got me thinking.

It’s OK, up to a point, that people have crazy ideas. Flat-earthers and UFO hunters are OK. But when those crazy ideas cause people to do crazy things like form mobs to murder people they think are vampires, things have gotten out of hand.  The article links to others like this one, which is thought-provoking at a minimum.  How strange that people in underdeveloped countries can have such primitive ideas!

Ah, you see, there’s the rub.  It’s not just people in “those countries” who have primitive ideas.  This is a segment from a recent MSNBC show that illustrates the point:

For the best part, skip forward to 1:45, where you’ll hear from a senior writer at that white people who want the country to get back to work again “…want more black and brown people to die.”  Yes, you heard that right.

I know, I know, there is still some racism in the world, and whether you like it or not it comes from all races, folks.  I’m not denying the existence of racism.  I am, instead, pointing out the stupidity of such beliefs as vampires and global conspiracies to kill black and brown people with viruses.  I place both of these beliefs in the same category — specifically, the category of voodoo bullshit.

It is sad that MSNBC chooses to broadcast such tripe, sadder still that they want it to be taken seriously, and saddest of all is the fact that it works to some extent with a large part of their audience.


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