The Trojan Horse

Or, Why Joe Biden Scares Me

I had a dream last night. No, not the kind of Martin Luther King dream that is uplifting in its embrace of equality of opportunity and the recognition of the worth of the individual based on his own merits. I had the kind of dream that leaves you in a cold sweat in the middle of the night.

It involved Joe Biden’s pick for VP should he get the nomination, which seems almost certain at this point. There’s been lots of speculation, but only a few have imagined the nightmare scenario that played out in my mind.

Suppose — just suppose — that Sleepy Joe’s handlers (puppet-masters?) decide to make Elizabeth Warren his running mate? Wow — that would certainly capture a certain demographic that would even vote for El Chapo if he identified as a woman. And all sorts of liberals would go ga-ga over his brave choice of a woman while commending him for not going full-idiot and choosing Bernie.

Or, God forbid, they might go old school and take Hillary Clinton out of mothballs, update her pantsuit with a matching N95 mask and prop her up beside ol’ Joe. Lots of people would go for that over a wasted but virtue-signaling write-in vote for a spoiler like Bernie.

But that’s not the horrible part of the dream. The horrible nightmare oh-my-god-I-can’t-stand-this part is the motivation behind it. They want Joe Biden to be president, because they know he’s a doddering, senile fool. The man can’t even read a teleprompter or see where the camera is. He drools when he talks. He can’t construct two decent sentences in a row. He gropes women, and likes to have kids feel the hair on his legs. He hardly knows what year this is.  He can’t speak coherently, even when he’s lying.

And the best part — for the Democrats, that is — is that with him in the White House, there are two possible paths to take:

Option 1: Biden does what he’s told, and his handlers work him like a Jeff Dunham puppet; this will work until there is a public outcry, even for Democrats, to do something about his lack of a mind, in which case they go to …

Option 2: They create an ‘astroturf’ movement to remove him on medical grounds, pretending all the while that it’s a Republican effort. But they’re actually OK with it, because guess who gets to be President then?

That’s right. Think about it, folks. Now you understand why I chose the title.

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  1. I really don’t think he will choose Warren as she is a controversial figure. I think he’ll go with Klobuchar as she is more centrist and get the Midwest vote. He is looking to unite this divided country. That’s my 2 cents.

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