About Those Guns …

Oh, by the way, the Governor of Massachusetts has shut down all gun stores and ranges, despite the Federal government advisory that they are essential businesses.

Those of you who live in free states may not be aware of this. But if you’re a resident of Massachusetts and want to exercise your Constitutional right to buy a firearm, you are screwed. Our gun laws are among the worst in the nation, thanks to overprotective, misguided and short-sighted Democratic domination of the state for years.

In the first place, if you don’t already have a license, you have to take a course, you have to file an application with the police and pay for it, the process takes weeks and in the end your Chief of Police can arbitrarily just say “NO” without needing to justify his decision, and you’re out of luck. Hey, you can always just hang a ‘gun-free zone’ sign around your neck, and hope like hell the bad guys have a conscience.

If you are tempted to break the rules in an effort to provide safety for your family just in case shit really goes south, keep in mind that without a license, even possession of a single empty, already-been-fired brass case is a felony here, and is worth a year in jail. And don’t even think about borrowing a gun from a friend who has several and is willing to share even at the risk of becoming a felon himself. You’ll end up in a cell for a long, long time.

If you’re an active gun-grabber, or just one of those people who hates guns and doesn’t think anyone should have one, think of this: people’s Constitutional rights are being violated by the government using COVID-19 panic as an excuse.

What will you do when they use COVID-19 as an excuse to take away your First Amendment right to free speech?

What will you do when they use COVID-19 as an excuse to suspend your right to vote?

What will you do when they use COVID-19 as an excuse to suspend your right to due process, or your protection against unreasonable search and seizure, or your property rights?

As if that’s not bad enough, it seems that some states are releasing prisoners from jails. And at the same time, police departments are losing personnel off the streets due to illness, and are not responding to certain types of calls. In other words we are more than ever required to defend ourselves while government bureaucracy and fascist laws make it ever harder for us to do so.

Thanks, Big Brother.


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